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Walmart's Black Friday sales will be bigger than ever before. For several years now Walmart has been a creature of habit. The exception is I expect Walmart to push even lower on its 4K TVs now the technology is so widely available while the 7th-generation iPad is so new I wouldn't expect a large discount this year. Remember, Walmart will deliver plenty of sales before these Door Busters so hold your nerve and wait for the best deals.

Last year, Walmart posted its ad on November 8th at 12 am ET. So for , when Black Friday will start one week later, expect the ad at midnight on November 14th. Walmart usually waits for Best Buy and Target post their ads first and, again, the store is a creature of habit. The ad itself is likely to be over 30 pages. Some stores have been opening earlier but expect Walmart to again stick with what works. The in-store sale itself will run throughout the night while pre-Black Friday online deals may actually begin as early as Monday on Thanksgiving week.


Today Sun, 27th Oct Blizzard will be hoping that the announcement of Overwatch 2 will ease tensions at convention BlizzCon later this week, after the company recently came under intense scrutiny for suspending a professional Hearthstone player who spoke out in support of Hong Kong. Despite its undeniable popularity as a fighting game, Tekken 7 has never provided players with much in the way of a tutorial or any in-depth training modes. In particular, a lot of people have been asking for in-game frame data since launch, but the development team -- more specifically, Tekken godfather Katsuhiro And when will the November PS Plus lineup be announced?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare attempts to paint a harrowing picture of the realities of war, which means there are a fair few disturbing moments in the campaign.

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One segment — featuring a raid on a house in Camden Town — sees you skulking up stairs, sneaking in the shadows, and hopefully holding your fire. In one room, Yesterday Sat, 26th Oct What PS5 games have been announced?

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What PS5 games have been rumoured? In this guide, we're going to list every PS5 game that's been confirmed or rumoured ahead of the console's release, which is due in This list is based on at least partial confirmation from publishers or developers, rumours that have weight, NBA 2K20 Locker Codes can really help you flesh out your MyTeam, as they can be redeemed for bonuses which can then be spent on new cards to bolster your squad. This week, The Outer Worlds was released. Obsidian's sci-fi role-playing game may not push the genre forward in any radical way, but it is an excellent example of what's possible when player choice is promoted above all else.

I'm busy playing through The Outer Worlds for the third time in about as many weeks, and I'm still Hideo Kojima has reiterated on multiple occasions that Death Stranding is all about bringing people together, and in order to promote the title in Saudi Arabia today, PlayStation attempted a Guinness World Record at the Color Run in Riyadh. The task: to register as many consecutive high-fives as possible.

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  • WWE 2K20 frankly should have been cancelled; the game is an absolute embarrassment on every single level, from its ancient visuals to its shameful bugs. Sure, we can all After a couple of weeks off, your humble host is back to post the latest WAYP. Friday 25th Oct Creating a character in The Outer Worlds can be a daunting process. Right at the beginning of the game, you have to think about base attributes and skills, and once you're off on your adventure, levelling up and bringing peace or chaos to Halcyon, you've got to start thinking about perks.

    There are Cyberpunk 's real-world jacket, which has been seen worn by CD Projekt Red employees and handed out at industry events, is a piece of merchandise we've wanted to get our hands on for a very, very long time. It's a beautiful piece of clothing, and now we can finally purchase our very own. The jacket is now available for pre-order You've gotta give credit to Helldivers developer Arrowhead Studios. And now, almost five whole years after its release, it's received a substantial update titled Dive Harder.

    We love it.

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    The European PlayStation Store weekend offer is back over the next couple of days, offering reasonable discounts on a number of different games. Lasting through until on Monday 28th October, you'll be able to get anime titles, F1 , and a handful of EA games at a cheaper price.

    Codemasters must really want How long is The Outer Worlds? How long does it take to complete The Outer Worlds?

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    Those of you who don't have hundreds of hours to spare will be happy to hear that The Outer Worlds is not an especially lengthy game, but it's still going to take you a good chunk of time to fully complete. How long is We think it's fair to say that WWE 2K20 has been a complete and utter disaster of a launch. After the game released in the worst state we've seen in quite some time, those unlucky few who purchased a copy set up the FixWWE2K20 Twitter hashtag to draw attention to just how completely broken the title i.